About Us what we do

Planing excursions with boat from island Rab to nearby islands and beautiful Rab beaches.

For more than 15 years we organize excursions by boat. Our tradition guarantees you to have fun and also the possibility to see our beautiful sea and islands.

We don't have a big boat with a lot of people on it, we offer family atmosphere and we are open to your wishes. Whether you wish for boat to slow down so you can catch the moment with your camera or you have seen a nice beach and want to go there, just say so and we will do it.

We can organize a trip according to your wishes. It refers to a group of at least 10 adults. We give group discounts



Common bottlenose dolphin

Often we see dolphins on our trip so you have your kids and cameras ready. We guarantee you a trip you´ll remember your hole life!


We also do trips that you will never forget

santos rab
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  • night-time swimming

fish picnic
  • Fish picnic

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