Tour to Baška

baška tour

Explore a small part of Kvarner. Visit 4 islands.

Tour to Baška is our main trip, which we do almost every day during the season. In this tour you have the opportunity to explore Croatian Alcatraz, visit best known tourist resort on the island of Krk, swim at many beautiful beaches, experience the close encounter with the dolphins, feed the deer and many more...

Departure is on 9:30 a.m. and arrival at 6:45 p.m. In that 9 hours we will be driving only 3 hours, and the rest 6 hours we are on the mainland.

We´ll visit Goli otok (litterally bare island) for an 1 hour. Here you can have a great meat or fish lunch in the tavern "Pržun", explore former prison for political prisoners, visit the cinema-museum and watch a short film about the history of the island, tour the island with tourist train or you can enjoy on one of few beatiful beaches.

From Goli otok we go on a panoramic ride of north side of the island Grgur. There we will pass near small cove where once was women's prison. In the next part of panorama we pass close to vertical cliffs that reach up to 100 meters. After panorama we take you to island Prvic for swimming on beautiful pebbly beach.

After swimming we head towards the island of Krk visit Baška and we´ll stay there for 3 hours. There you can walk through the old town, swim at 3 km long pebbly beach, eat in more than 30 restaurants, pizza places etc. or visit the aquarium.

After beautiful Baška we cruise towards our final destination, island Grgur. There you can swim, drink or eat in catering establishment "Arta", feed the deer or just enjoy nature. After our last stop we bring you back home safely.