Tour to Zavratnica

zavratnica tour

Visit one of the most beautiful coves of the Croatian Adriatic.

Visit the island of Rab and return home without having visited Zavratnica is really a shame. Located near the island of Rab should be found in every tourist plan. For those who don't want to miss it, together with the Goli otok and a lot of swimming this is the ideal trip.

Departure is on 9:30 a.m. and arrival at 6:45 p.m.

After only a half an hour of sailing we arrive at our first destination Njivice. Natural pebbly beach, located on the east side beneath the highest peak on the island of Rab looking toward Velebit. Surrounded by cliffs and crystal-clear sea is ideal for quiet relaxation and swimming.

One hour later, we continue our way to our main destination Zavratnica. There you will have a two-hour break. You can use your time to climb to top and photograph the magnificent panorama of Zavratnica and the surrounding island of Rab, dive to remains of a sunken German warship or just swim. Is up to you.

After Zavratnica begins our return, but still is not over. First we will stop on Goli otok. There you can have a great meat or fish lunch in the tavern "Pržun", explore former prison for political prisoners, visit the cinema-museum and watch a short film about the history of the island, tour the island with tourist train or you can enjoy on one of few beatiful beaches.

And finally for those who are not yet tired of swimming we stop for a swim on Sahara, the most famous clothes-optional beach in Lopar.